Italian trademarks

Filing an application to register a trademark to UIBM (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi - Italian Patent and Trademark Office) entitles the Applicant to the right of exclusive use in Italy (production, marketing, importing) of the trademark for the products and/or services indicated in the application.

The registration of a trademark has a duration of 10 years from the filing date, indefinitely renewable.

UIBM only conducts a formal review of the filed application, without carrying out an exam of its merits, i.e. without conducting a anteriority search and a novelty exam, to evaluate the fulfilment of the requirements for registration.

After the formal review, UIBM proceeds with the trademark’s publication in the Official Trademark Journal and within three months from the publication date anyone can file an opposition to the registration. UIBM will take a decision about the registration or not of the opposed trademark.

Without any opposition or if the proposed opposition has been rejected, the trademark will be registered.

After 5 years from the registration date, the trademark is validated and cannot be contested any more.

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